Important Delivery Information

Important Delivery Infomation


Please ensure you provide the correct post code for delivery.  If you are aware of any known sat nav discrepencies or inaccuracies, or if it is a new property, not yet on the sat nav, let us know.

If the property has a number, but it is hard to see from the road, please let us know.
If your property has a name, but there is no obvious sign, or it is hard to see from the road, please let us know.


Please inform us in advance of any access issues.  These include:

width, height or weight restrictions on the roads close to the delivery point,
steep hills at delivery point,
parking issues at delivery point,
steps or stairs at delivery point,
lift/elevator at delivery point,
narrow passages at delivery point,
tight turns at the delivery point,
fragile, delicate flooring at delivery point


Please provide a mobile number for the keyholder.  The delivery team will text approx one hour before delivery, so as long as the keyholder is within one hour of the property, there is no need to wait in.

Feel free to text 0797 600 9520 for delivery updates on the day of the delivery, but do bear in mind, no piano delivery is the same, so it is impossible to know exact times far in advance.

Photo & Video

The delivery of your new piano should be an exciting time.  We are 100% confident of our abilities, no matter how difficult the delivery, so you are welcome to photograph and film the whole event.  All we ask is that, you email us a copy of any photos or video, and we'll use the best ones on the website.  Key shots:
i. the piano being brough in on the wheels - try to capture, wheels, piano, and men
ii.  once installed, it is great to have a picture of the smiling pianist with their new piano
iii. the piano in its full glory, keyboard open, wing(lid) and music board up if grand


Piano delivered from shops are normally pre-tuned prior to delivery.  With careful handling, the piano should not be badly out of tune by any means.  It is generally recommended that piano is allowed to settle to its new environment for around 3 weeks, before it is tuned again.

For private sales, again, a settling period is advisable, and we can recommend local tuners, on our tuning page.

Tea & Biscuits

Although our piano movers often perform superhuman feats and schedules, they are actually still humans, who enjoy simple pleasures.  Very important is the cup of tea.  Our favourite is Yorkshire Tea with skimmed milk, although this is not compulsory.  Do not be offended if we refuse biscuits - a life on the road can involve a very unhealthy diet.